Instructions for Providing a Felony Conviction Explanation to the FCC

Because you answered ‘Yes’ to the felony question, your application will be flagged for manual review by the FCC and you are required to do the following:

Provide an explanation to the FCC within 14 days of the issuance of a file number to your application or your application will be dismissed.

  • Send your explanation by e-mail only to: DO NOT MAIL your explanation.
  • Your explanation must include the file number of your application which will be issued after your application is submitted to the FCC and other useful information including but not limited to the following:
  • A detailed description of your conduct or actions that resulted in your conviction or guilty plea, including time and place.
  • The date of the conviction or guilty plea.
  • The punishment that was imposed, and whether your sentence has been completed, or if you are still under any restriction or condition resulting from the conviction or guilty plea.
  • Any efforts you have taken to remedy the wrongs committed and ensure that you will not engage in such conduct in the future.
  • Why you believe it would be in the public interest for the FCC to grant your application.
  • Optional letters of reference from your employer, clergy, and/or friends attesting to your character.

DO NOT include your SSN, e-mail address or phone number in your explanation.

DO NOT attempt to modify or amend your application on-line. If your application needs to be amended, contact the team leader of this VE team at:

  • Using the pull-down menu, select your search method: By name, by call sign, or by FRN.
    • Enter your FRN, call sign or your name (Use the following format as it appears on your application): Last name and suffix, First name, Middle initial.

Doe Jr, John Q or Doe, John Q or Doe, John

  • You must answer the felony question each time you apply to upgrade your license class, request a systematic change of your call sign, apply for a vanity call sign, or renew your license. You do not have to answer the felony question if all you are doing is an Administrative Update of your license: Changing your name, or changing your mailing address, changing your e-mail address, and/or phone number.
  • If you answered the felony question “yes” on a previous application that the FCC granted, you must still provide an explanation to the FCC, but you have two options:

Provide the same information you previously provided or

  • Indicate via e-mail that your previous application was granted and include the file number of the previous application (e.g., “I previously submitted an application which was granted on [enter the date] and the file number for that application is: [enter the 10-digit file number])”.

You may request that your explanation be treated as confidential.

  • To seek confidential treatment of your explanation, you must include a request that the material not be made available for public inspection. This can be included in your e-mail or your snail-mail correspondence.
  • Your request must contain a statement of the reason(s) for the request and identify the portion(s) of the response for which confidential treatment is requested. It is not sufficient to simply mark a document as “Confidential”.
  • If you do not request confidential treatment, your explanation will be publicly viewable in the Universal Licensing System (ULS).
  • If you do not provide your explanation within the 14-day period, the FCC will mail you a letter informing you that your application has been dismissed without prejudice. This means you can have your application resubmitted up to 365 days from the date of the exam session at which you were issued your Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE).

If you choose to have your application resubmitted, you must attend another exam session, bring the original and a copy of the CSCE you received, complete the necessary paperwork, and provide a copy of the CSCE to a volunteer examiner team. Note: The VEs may ask questions regarding the age of your CSCE. This is normal and to be expected.

  • Once your new application is submitted, it will be assigned a new File Number and you must provide your explanation within 14 days or it will be dismissed again.

Upon receipt of your explanation, the FCC will review it and do one of three things:

  • Grant your application, or
  • Return your application and request more information, or
  • Keep your application status as Pending.

If the FCC returns your application and requests more information, they will send you an e-mail that identifies the information they are requesting. You must provide the requested information by e-mail within the time limit specified in the letter.

  • When you provide the requested information, include the file number of your returned application.
  • Failure to provide the information will result in your application being dismissed.
  • Your application may be dismissed if you try to amend your application on-line.

You may take additional exams while your application is pending. If you choose to do so, you must let the VEs know you have an application pending and the file number for that application.

  • If you apply to upgrade your license class, request a systematic change of your call sign, apply for a vanity call sign, or renew and modify your license and you answer the felony question differently than on your previous application (e.g., Felony question answer is changed from “Yes” to “No”), you may be contacted by the FCC to explain why you did so.

The Laurel VEC Volunteer Examiners do not know how long the review of your explanation will take and we will not be notified by the FCC of the results of their review. You can check the status of your application here: Search by your file number, name, call sign, or FRN.

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