VE Training

We are currently developing computer-based training programs to ensure that our VE’s are current in Part 97 Rules and Regulations pertaining to conducting exams as well as Laurel VEC and our team policies and procedures. We also provide training on using the computer-based program we use to provide exams, which includes computer grading of paper exams.

Training Manual

Our training manual is still a draft. The document will open in Word. It is locked to comments only so feel free to add comments for our review.

Training Modules

The training is broken up into modules:

  • Module 1 – FCC Rules, Laurel & Team Policies and Procedures
  • Module 2 – ExamTools signup and profile setup
  • Module 3 – VE functions, roles and responsibilities
  • Module 4 – VE Admin Roles and Responsibilities
  • Module 5 – Session Manager

Each module is broken up into lessons that are designed to be no more than 15-minutes for the computer-based training. Module lessons are listed below and as the lesson is available it will be hyper-linked below.

Credit for Training

When you click on the link for a lesson a screen will open and ask for your first name, last name and email. To ensure you get credit add your call sign AFTER your last name.

Although still in discussion we are looking at a points system to maintain valid status as a VE. This is done to ensure that VEs are current with Part 97 rules that pertain to VE’s, Laurel VEC policies and procedures, our team policies and procedures and exam workflow. See the Training Manual for additional information.

Module 1 – FCC Rules, Laurel & Team Policies and Procedures

Module 1 is the most comprehensive, covering FCC Rules (subpart F Qualifying Examinations Systems), Laurel VEC and our team policy and procedures.

  • 1.A. Introduction to the Laurel VEC (Laurel P&P Section I.)
  • 1.B.  Governance (Laurel P&P Section II.)
  • 1.C.  VEC Organization Structure (Laurel P&P Section III.)
  • 1.D.  Introduction to the Patriot VE Team
  • 1.E.  Volunteer Examiners (Laurel P&P Section IV.)
  • 1.F.  Training (Laurel P&P Section V.  &  PVET Training Manual)
  • 1.G.  Coordinating Exam Sessions (Laurel P&P Section VI.)
  • 1.H.  Accommodations  (Laurel P&P Section VII.)
  • 1.I.   Felony Convictions  (Laurel P&P Section VIII.)
  • 1.J.   Generating Exams  (Laurel P&P Section IX.)
  • 1.K.  Administering an Exam (Laurel P&P Section X.)
  • 1.L. Element Credit (Laurel P&P Section XI.)
  • 1.M. Issuing Exam Credit (Laurel P&P Section XII.)
  • 1.N. Post Exam Activities (Laurel P&P Section XIII.)

Module 2 – Setting Up in ExamTools and Discord

Module 2 is usually one-on-one training with one of our Deputy Team Leaders. This is to get you set up with access into ExamTools and Discord, which we use to coordinate VE’s for test sessions.

Module 3 – VE Functions, Roles and Responsibilities

Module 3 is based on the roles and responsibilities attributed to the “VE” access level in the ExamTools program, the requirements of §97.509, the Laurel VEC Policy & Procedures manual and our team policy & procedures.

Module 4 – VE Admin Roles and Responsibilities

Module 4 is based on the roles and responsibilities attributed to the “VE Admin” access level in the ExamTools program and the way we utilize those within our workflow as the check-in person. The VE trained to this level can function as the check-in person and can edit/correct an applicants information. They also have a more in-depth understanding of Element credit, especially for expired hams, as detailed in §97.505.

  • 4.A. Check-in and Identification
  • 4.B. Expired License and Element Credit

Module 5 – Session Manager

Module 5 covers the roles and responsibilities of a Session Manager. Through the position task book, associated training, one-on-one training and monitored performance as a trainee, a VE that completes this level is qualified to manage a test session as per §97.513 and the Laurel VEC Policy & Procedures manual.

Refresher Training

In addition to the computer-based training we provide refresher training in the form of an open-book quiz. The available quizzes are listed and linked below:

June 2021 quiz

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