Below is our test schedule at the current time. We will update it as additional test dates and/or locations are added throughout the year.

All tests are FREE. You can take multiple tests, i.e. Technical and General, or even all three (if you have studied for them).

Bring a laptop or tablet and you can take the test on computer. We still offer paper exams.

All exams are instantly graded. The results are sent to the FCC electronically after the test session and new call signs and upgrades are usually listed the next business day.

You will need to get a FCC Registration Number (FRN) if you are not already a ham. The registration process will assist you in obtaining one.

You will need to bring a government issued ID. For those without a government ID then a school ID or anything with a picture. If you do not have something suitable then contact us and we will figure something out.

Please see our Q&A page for additional information on taking the test.

Most of our sites require pre-registration because there is a capacity limit due to the size of the space. We do allow walk-ins at the Denver Masonic Lodge at this time, but come 15 minutes before the test time so we can get you registered.

Masks may be required at some sites by the site owners as a condition of our use. Otherwise it is personal choice.

Our Partners

Able Shepherd® is an elite-level self-defense training program utilizing armed, and unarmed tactics. Graduates become known as “Able Shepherds,” entrusted with skills to empower them to actively protect, guide, and strengthen their communities. Our goal is to make them, and those around them, safer. We do this by holding them to the highest of moral, ethical, and tactical standards.

Bullets Both Ways is a bold brand & apparel line created to motivate and inspire protection of our nation – its schools, houses of worship and communities.
Every purchase of our protection inspiring apparel, merchandise and service offerings help sponsor medical and firearm training scholarships for school and worship center staff. 

Stand up | Represent | Prepare | Protect

Bullets Both Ways as opposed to one way from an unchallenged perpetrator!

All registration is at hamstudy.org/sessions/w0pct


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