This is a collection of testimonials that we’ve remembered to capture.

I appreciate the time you and your team took to volunteer and give the exam,
Best regards

Thank you and Sunday’s team for being a VECs and enabling a path for folks like me to be able to get qualified. I am looking forward to participating in HAM radio.
Kind Regards
Roger Stafford, KF0CFC

Thanks for organizing the testing and for the attached packet Nick.

Thank you, and thanks for the time you spend on this last night.

Thank you so much for a great testing experience. It was amazing. I’m looking forward to taking my next exam and hopefully it’ll be as painless as possible!

Thank you for doing what you do for the Veteran and Service Member community.
Anabell Pi

I just wanted to thank you and the VE team running the HAM tests last weekend in Elizabeth.  It was great to meet everyone and I hope to test with you all again soon.
Michael Maitan, KF0BUB

Thanks Nick – and please tell the team of volunteers thanks as well, was really impressed by how smooth the testing went. You all are great!
Chris   9-14-20

Hi Nick!  

I passed my Technician exam yesterday (100%) and was very impressed with the process.  This is what I wrote on the survey: 
“Everyone was very professional, supportive and pleasant to work with.  I passed the exam and was met with their sincere congratulations.  Their exam room was clean and quiet.  I feel they kept an eye on everyone and everything during the exams which made me feel like there is integrity in the exam process and our scores.  Thank you!”  
My Uncle in California got me started.  Thank you to everyone involved! 
Vivian Voigt 7-12-2021

Hi all, I’m Kemp Brown, one of the people you proctored at the Ham test today in Longmont. I just wanted to thank you so much again for the valuable service you provided! I greatly appreciate it, and I’m sure the other attendees did too. Although I’m way up in Cheyenne, I look forward to running into you in the future! Best Regards. 7-18-2021

I really appreciate the professional, helpful, and pleasant atmosphere that the team created for taking the test. I hope that you offer more exams in the Salida, CO area soon, please. 5-10-2021

Nick, Thanks so much to you and the team for taking the time to administer the exam on Saturday. You guys are first class! Taylor Albrecht K0AVU 5-10-2021

Thank you so much for all of your time & efforts to put this together for us! We look forward to our next steps in this brand new world of Ham Radios. Jo Reese 2-28-2021

Thanks Nick. I checked last night and saw the updates on the FCC website. I used the Ham Study App along with the Gordan West book and cd. Both were key in my passing. 

You set me up with a good group of guys that took good care of me Sunday. Very friendly, organized and professional.   Thanks again for all your help in setting the session up.  Rick Lewis  KE6RFO  8-8-2021

You guys were great and I appreciated the resource handouts as well 6/1/2021

The VE team was too nice. <— Joke LOL the experience was very pleasant. 7/20/2021

The process was very easy and couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Thanks for everything! 8/3/2021

Great team and very helpful. Have recommended to many people and will be testing again to upgrade. 6/20/2021

Keep up the great work you guys are awesome. Plan on taking my extra with you guys. 6/10/2021

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